My Cups Runneth Over: A Mom’s Eye View of Kids’ Cups

For many of us, the kids’ cup cabinet is a bit like a clown car: You have no idea how many are actually in there until you open the door and see what spills out.

I consider myself a glass (wait: kids’ cup) half full kind of Mom, so I place a great deal of faith in the quality of the cups that enter our home. In order for my daughter’s cup to leave the restaurant and snag a spot in our already full kids’ cup cabinet, I’m looking for the following:

  1. Dishwasher safe: My daughter will use this cup again (to hold everything from beverages to crayons, stickers, and small toys) so frequent washing is a must.
  2. Spill-proof: I love a thick-walled injection molded plastic cup with a tightly fitting lid. My daughter can (accidentally) squeeze the walls of this cup without the beverage going everywhere. Cheaply manufactured, thin-walled plastic that easily cracks or does not pass the squeeze test does not pass muster.
  3. Sized for kids to hold: I recently held a cup intended for kids, but unless the kiddo has hands like a gorilla, the “grip” would never actually happen. What would happen instead? A giant mess.
  4. Appropriate volume for a kid’s portion: 12 oz. is just about perfect for kids 10 and under.
  5. Relevance: This is an everyday cup in our house. Holiday cups or cups touting the theatrical or DVD release of a movie can feel like old news in no time. Timeless themes and repeat patterns feel like cool design.

Kids love containers and Moms love quality. We both want to get our mileage out of these cups, from the initial restaurant visit to many fill ups at home, and ultimately, until we can recycle them. Because yes, we want recyclability too.

Meg Ross is a Business Development Director, writer, and mom.

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